Angels of Love

Angels of Love is nominating YOU for the "HUG IT OUT" Challenge, where you
 can Hug your friends, family, child,  coworker, a celebrity, or a stranger to
End Child Abuse and promote Peace & Love around the world.

 HUG SOMEONE and Donate today!!

If you prefer to mail in your donation, you can mail to:

Angels of Love
4307 N. 10TH Street, Suite G-5
McAllen, Texas 78504
(956) 972-0685



 If you are officially challenged to the Angels of Love “HUG IT OUT Challenge”, You need to know the rules.

With that in mind, here’s a list of everything you actually need to do, to make your HUG count:

1. Get Challenged or start a Challenge

Get Challenged.   It’s like a game of communication- through Telephone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc... A friend, family member, coworker, or enemy will take a picture or create a video, and call out three other people to do the Angels of Love- HUG IT OUT CHALLENGE. Those three people need to call out three others, and so on, and so forth leading to a branch-like spread of the Challenge.

You can absolutely still donate to Angels of Love, but if you haven’t been challenged, start your own challenge thread.

2. Accept The Challenge

Once you’ve been ‘HUG IT OUT”  Challenged, you have 24 hours to complete the Challenge, and here’s where things are – once again – getting confused. If you refuse the challenge, which is an option, you don’t care about Children, or Peace and Love. So show you care.

Once you’ve decided to CARE, you can take one of two paths:

2A. Pay $100

Don’t want to Hug anyone? Then Donate $100 to help Angels of Love open a shelter for Abused and Neglected children. You can do that by hitting the easy to find “donate” button on their website. At this point, you can merrily go about your business. The end.


Don’t want to pay $100? No problem, get ready to PHOTOGRAPH OR VIDEO yourself HUGGING SOMEONE- it can be a stranger, your child, mother, father, friend, co-worker, an enemy, whoever.  But – and this is important – you still have to donate to Angels of Love, just not the full $100. We’ll get to that in a second.


Now that you’ve accepted the challenge, you’ll need the following:

- A video capturing device with eventual access to the internet

- A warm body to HUG

4. Film or Photograph Your HUG

Then you have to photograph it or film it! You can do the video as short or long as you like, though we recommend keeping them as short as possible. The videos must include the following information, though:

A: Your name

B: Who challenged you

C: Accepting their challenge with the full name (“I accept the Angels of Love HUG IT OUT Challenge”)

D: Three more people you want to challenge

E: The website

F: A mention that you’re donating money as well as hugging.

5. Upload Your Masterpiece

Then you can upload your photo or video anywhere on the Internet: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, as long as you remember to tag the three people you challenged (so they actually know you challenged them), and plug Angels of Love and the Angels of Love HUG IT OUT Challenge somewhere in one of your posts. On Instagram use the #hugitoutchallenge

6. Donate

Here’s the key part: if you accept the HUG IT OUT Challenge, you still need to donate money, just anything less than $100. $1 is fine, $10 is great.  Angels of Love recommends $25, or $50 though you can donate however much you like.

To reemphasize: accepting the HUG IT OUT Challenge and HUGGING SOMEONE does not “free” you from donating funds.

And that’s it! Reward yourself by moving on to something else, and then call it a day.

Have you done the HUG IT OUT CHALLENGE? Any tips to add to the rules? Let us know.

Our Philosophy...

Angels of Love was founded in 2009 with the purpose of developing a full array of services for children and families who are victims of abuse. It is our intention to fill the service gaps left by underfunded and understaffed governmental services to children and families. Our mission is “To provide abused and neglected children of the Rio Grande Valley, and their families with individualized services in a safe and loving environment in order to provide them with the tools necessary to restore each child to a healthy self-worth and healthy family setting”.

Angels of Love credits its success to its founders' visionary beliefs, which are the heart of the organization.  Angels of Love was created by, Della Fay Perez, one of the founder's of its parent corporation, Green Valley Foundation..  Angels of Love believes that every child has a unique contribution to make to the world. We do everything within our power to help each child heal and develop self-esteem to reach their God-given potential. 

We do this through the following:


Advocacy is speaking on behalf of others to get something done. Angels of Love serves as a catalyst for advocating for child victims of abuse and neglect in the Rio Grande Valley. They do this by speaking on behalf of children and families to local officials, state-level officials, and federal policy-makers. We work with fellow advocates and partner with other organizations that share common goals in order to increase our overall power and influence. Angels of Love provides community-based prevention activities, public awareness and educational initiatives.


Family support services are community-based services that assist and support parents in their role as caregivers. Such services can take many different forms depending on the strengths and needs of the family. In 2013, Angels of Love began offering the Empowerment for Families” domestic violence and abuse course. Other courses are currently being developed, and will soon be offered through Angels of Love’s Family Support Services.


In the Rio Grande Valley, there are currently no Emergency Shelters for child victims of abuse and neglect. It is the intent of Angels of Love to create 50 bed shelter for children ages birth-17 in the Rio Grande Valley. We are currently working to raise awareness about the issue, and seeking resources to make this shelter a reality. 

Kids who have experienced abuse deserve to feel safe, and protected. A shelter will provide professionals trained in trauma-informed care, to ensure a consistent and supportive approach to kids in crisis situations. While in the shelter children will receive basic needs such as food and clean clothes, as well as Individual and group therapy, and Medical care.  


Take action this year to remember that we have so much to be thankful for and the best way to show that, is by caring and sharing  with others. Do something grand for a child in need by giving your donation right now.  There's strength in numbers.  Use the tools you have at your fingertips right now and spread this message. Email, Twitter, Text, etc.. to all of your family and friends and send them to this website to invite them to sign up  and become an "Angel of Love" today.
 "I am an Angel of Love"

I am an Angel of Love
I've been sent from
Heaven above
to keep you safe and warm
and to keep you from harm.

Author: DFPR 2009